Why Sho Express is an Ideal Asian Food Franchise

22 / 08 / 2021

Franchisers who want to dive into an untapped niche may want to consider Asian restaurant franchises. While most areas of the country have an Asian restaurant of some sort, they usually consist of buffets, takeout, or a pricier sit-down establishment. Sho Express is an Asian food franchise that brings the growing world of fast-casual restaurants to the tasty world of Asian food. Let’s explain more about what the ideal Asian food franchise is and why Sho Express fits the bill. 

A Variety of Asian Delights

An ideal Asian food franchise needs to have many different Asian dishes available. In the US, you’ll have a diverse amount of customers, from people who have never tried Asian food to Asian food aficionados. You need a restaurant that satisfies everyone, and Sho Express has your customers covered. 

Our establishments serve bento boxes, sushi, teriyaki chicken, edamame appetizers, yakisoba dishes, and much, much more. A customer can bring their entire family here, and there’s a good chance that everyone will find a dish that suits their tastes. 

Something for Every Budget 

A fast-casual Asian food franchise tends to not only have a variety of dishes, but they have something for every budget. Sho Express has meals for $10 or under. With two locations in Bowling Green, KY, home to Western Kentucky University, we know a college student will be right at home here. Not only that, but these meals don’t skip on the portions, satisfying our customers.

If a customer has a bigger appetite, they can buy an appetizer, dessert, or drinks. A small bite to eat can turn into a feast with good friends depending on your selection. As a Sho Express franchise owner, you’re going to attract a variety of customers and satisfy almost everyone’s budgetary needs. 

Fresh Ingredients 

People are mindful about the ingredients in their food, which is why fast-casual restaurants are so appealing. Cheaper fast-food establishments tend to have ingredients that are a little questionable, are fried, or have little nutritional value. 

Sho Express is an Asian fast food franchise that uses fresh ingredients that you can taste. From the crisp vegetables to the flavorings used in our sauces, consumers will feel much better choosing us than opting for burgers and fries. As a franchise owner, you’ll be equipped to deliver ingredients of the freshest variety. Are you up to the challenge? 

A Balance Between Dine-In and Carry Out 

A good Asian food franchise takes advantage of the fact that some people want to grab their food and go, while others enjoy a sit-down experience. Some places focus on one or the other, with take-out focused establishments having dine-in spaces with limited seating, and dine-in restaurants having take-out that takes too long or a limited menu. 

Sho Express has the best of both options. We pride ourselves in being a take-out establishment that serves busy consumers quickly, but have a contemporary, friendly dining center if patrons want to stick around and enjoy their food in a comfortable atmosphere. Sho Express was branched from Shogun Bistro, a dine-in hibachi establishment. We took the quality food we were known for and put it into a fast-casual package that everyone will like. 

Taking Advantage of the Growing Asian Food Franchise Market 

A great Asian food franchise knows that the market is growing. In 2015, the Asian food market saw a 500 percent increase since 1999. The 21st century seems to be about Asian food, and we’re prepared to grow with it. As an Asian food franchise owner, you’re going to have a slice of the growing market. 

With so many delicious combinations, Sho Express is reminding everyone why Asian food is so beloved, and why your customers will be lining up to enjoy what we have to offer. 

Helping New Franchise Owners Get Their Footing 

There are some Asian food franchise establishments that will not help you much when you decide to become a franchise owner. However, we know the importance of training. We see each franchise owner as family, so that’s why we’re here to assist you if you have any questions. 

We have a team of experts ready if you have any questions. For example, if you need help picking a location, we’ll assist in choosing the best location for the job. We’ll help you design the store as well to give it an appearance that will attract the most customers. 

We’d Love to Hear from You 

We don’t select just anyone. As an Asian food franchise owner of Sho Express, we expect you to have a passion for serving our customers and helping our brand expand. Of course, we will return the favor, giving you an opportunity that can help you grow. 

Sho Express has a minimum investment of $476,500, with a minimum liquid capital of $125K. This investment is quite small if you consider that you can make over $1.4 million in gross sales (see our FDD Item 19). As someone who owns a Shogun Express franchise, you have the potential to make a profit and give people a friendly, inviting place to work. 

If you are excited about this Asian food franchise opportunity, please get in touch with us. Visit our franchising page to learn more, and feel free to request more information. We are looking forward to hearing from you.