Japanese Hibachi Franchise Food is Some of the Most Versatile and Popular Food in The World

27 / 10 / 2021

Findings from Forbes magazine have revealed that Japanese hibachi food has experienced an unprecedented worldwide boom. In a little less than a decade, we have seen a tripling of the number of Japanese hibachi franchises currently operating in the U.S., but the popularity of hibachi franchises doesn’t stop there – they have even gained popularity in high-end culinary centers like Paris.

The United States has embraced Hibachi-style foods for their freshness, taste, and health benefits. Good Hibachi-style food has found popularity in the Southeast regions. Going to the Carolina beaches would not be complete without a trip to one of the area’s favorite hibachi restaurant franchises – so why not look into our hibachi franchise opportunity today?

What is Hibachi?

Hibachi is a type of cooking in which meat, rice, and vegetables are cooked over a large, flat-top grill usually made from a large sheet of metal. Hibachi grills can also be cast iron. This type of cooking is popular because it enhances the flavor of the food, rather than trying to smother them in heavy sauces or spices. Hibachi cooking is light and healthier. The main seasonings used are often limited to soy sauce, salt, pepper, and vinegar. The hibachi grill gives a beautiful, smoky taste to the meat, seafood, and vegetables. 

In the United States, many people love gathering around the hibachi grill to sample their favorite foods. Hibachi franchise food has been prevalent in the U.S. since 1964. A large number of Americans have had their childhoods enhanced by hibachi food and consider it a wonderful part of their childhood. Hibachi franchise food is an appealing food option that is better for you when compared to other fast-food alternatives. The American consumer has evolved beyond the usual greasy pizza.

Why Should You Care About the Hibachi Franchise Market?

It’s a valid question that requires a valid answer before you can even consider entering the world of hibachi franchises, so let’s get down to business and discuss the hibachi franchise market and how it could greatly benefit you and potentially positively impact your career and future. First of all, we should explore how a hibachi restaurant franchise location differs from the other Asian restaurants.

We follow the philosophy that every Sho Express location is so much more than just food court fare that customers eat without a care. When someone sits down at a Sho Express hibachi restaurant franchise, they should instantly experience the creative atmosphere, friendly employees, and, of course, an absolutely delicious Asian-American menu. By becoming a franchisee with Sho Express, you could take charge of creating this overall customer experience for everyone who walks through the doors of your location, or even those who visit through the drive-through!

Furthermore, Sho Express is taking advantage of the growing hibachi franchise industry in the U.S. – for example, Asian cuisine is one of the fastest-growing cuisines in terms of popularity within the U.S., and we have combined four different brands offering Asian cuisine together to create Sho Express (Kitaro, Bistro of Japan; Kabuto, Japanese Steakhouse; Shogun Express; and Shogun Bistro) – this blend of knowledge and experience has the potential to lead to a bright future for us, and we’d like you to come along with us for our hibachi franchise journey.

Sho Express has a Blueprint for Success in the Hibachi Franchise Market

Sho Express franchisees can expect to benefit from our years of expertise within the hibachi franchise industry, although we’d prefer for you to bring some industry experience to the table as well. If you become a Sho Express franchisee, then you would be joining a brand that we have put time and effort into building, so that we now have a loyal customer base and a bold, fun brand that people keep coming back to.

With all of this experience, it can be expected that we know our stuff when it comes to the day-to-day operations of a hibachi restaurant franchise. It’s important to us that we are able to train all franchisees and provide assistance for the training of employees for Sho Express hibachi franchise locations, so that our customers always experience the same fun, friendly atmosphere at every location alongside the delicious food. 

But it’s not all about keeping everything the same! We spend a lot of time researching and developing new ideas and chasing the latest amazing flavors and tastes, so you can always expect to be able to offer your customers an incredible menu that will ‘wow’ them every time they come into your hibachi restaurant franchise!

Sho Express is a Partner Committed to Your Success

Leaving franchisees alone to struggle and flounder is just not good business practice, which is why a Sho Express hibachi franchisee will never be alone. We have high-quality support to help make sure that your location is always running smoothly. Sho Express will teach you how to onboard and train new employees so that service is always top-notch.

We also help you as you research the market and location to make sure that every hibachi franchise is placed in an area with maximum traffic potential. Sho Express understands the hibachi franchise market and will help make sure you attract customers who will remain loyal to your business. Sho Express will be there with you from the very beginning and help you establish an amazing hibachi franchise.

Take Advantage Of Our Hibachi Franchise For Sale Today

When it comes to hibachi franchises, Sho Express is offering an opportunity that could advance your career and has the potential to move you forward into a future with a hibachi franchise location under your ownership.

If you have experience in the restaurant industry, particularly within Japanese restaurants and hibachi restaurant franchises, then we could work together well. There’s one way to know for certain: Take the first step towards your hibachi franchise future, and get in contact with us today to find out more about our franchise opportunities.