Why Sho Express’s Low Cost Franchise Opportunities in the Restaurant Sector Are for You

22 / 09 / 2021

If you’re considering owning a restaurant franchise, there are many to choose from, but some can be costly. It seems as though low cost franchise opportunities are difficult to come by, and if you run into one, they may not be that profitable. 

Before you give up on your search, consider Sho Express. We’re a low cost franchise with excellent revenue potential (see our FDD Item 19) ready to serve you. Here are some reasons why we’re the ideal business for your needs.

We’re in the Asian Food Business 

When searching for low cost franchise opportunities, one consideration is if the business will be profitable or not. You can spend a low amount on a franchise, but if it’s not going to make money you may wind up losing a good amount of money. 

Meanwhile, the Asian food market has seen a jump in revenue. Since 1999, it has spiked over 135% in sales. 

While profits can depend on other factors, such as business location, how the business is managed, and other considerations, franchising with Sho Express can be one of the top low cost franchise opportunities available.

The Low Costs Attract More Customers 

Because Sho Express’s low cost franchise opportunities cost less than some other businesses, we can pass the savings down to our customers. At Sho Express, customers can get a full Asian dish, an appetizer, dessert, and some drinks for a very reasonable price. Our prices are comparable to mainstream fast food chains, but we offer a higher quality of food. As a franchise owner of Sho Express, you can attract more customers through low prices. 

A Fast-Casual Setting 

Another reason why Sho Express is one of the best low cost franchise opportunities around is because it offers a fast-casual experience that is attractive for people of all types. 

Fast-casual restaurants combine a higher standard of food quality and the aesthetics of a sit-down restaurant with the quickness and affordability of fast food restaurants. Patrons of Sho Express can sit down and enjoy our contemporary design, or get the food to go through our drive-thru. We know the importance of both a sit-down experience with friends and the need for people to grab their food and go, such as for their lunch break. As a franchise owner of Sho Express, you can offer both worlds to your customers. 

The Ability to Help Our Business Spread Across the US 

Sho Express is a growing franchise with location opportunities in Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee. We’ll also consider qualified candidates in the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts; Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas.

As a business person taking advantage of our low cost franchise opportunities, you can help us revolutionize the world of fast-casual Asian dining. While our business is smaller, you can not only help us grow, but take advantage of our low franchising costs. 

Low Investment, Big Profits 

One reason why Sho Express is one of the best low cost franchise opportunities is because our business has a lower investment. Investments start as low as $476,500, with gross profits potentially doubling that, or more. (See our FDD Item 19).

Remember, the Asian food market is steadily growing. When you invest in a Sho Express franchise, it’s a small price to pay for the potential to grow your franchise.

We’ll Help Our Franchise Owners Every Step 

A shogun is a leader, and at Sho Express, we want our franchise owners to learn from their leaders to make their franchise the best in the business. We don’t let our franchise owners go into it alone. Our low cost franchise opportunities come with training in every step. 

We’ll help you pick the best location based on research to potentially drive the biggest profits while considering the competition. Our support team is up-to-date with the latest tech and will be there to support you. We will work to bring you the latest market research with the objective to help you maximize your profits. 

Some low cost franchise opportunities save money by bringing less value to their franchisees. However, Sho Express knows that to thrive we need to all be in this together. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Also, we provide a free industry outlook report. Invest in our low cost franchise opportunities  with confidence. 

Contact Us So if you need low cost franchise opportunities, Sho Express is here for you. You can visit us on our franchising page, where you can read more about Sho Express and contact us if you have any questions.