What Are the Most Profitable Franchises? It May Surprise You!

21 / 11 / 2021

If you want to become a franchise owner, one factor that will affect your franchise choice is how profitable it is. While what is profitable can change, some franchises are always profitable. This post will list several of the most profitable franchises, including… a sushi franchise? Let’s explain.

Top Profitable Franchises


Whether you call it by its shortened name or add the “Donuts” to it, there’s no mistaking that Dunkin’ is one of the most profitable franchises out there. While the average franchise generates between $600,000 and $1 million each year, a franchise owner will make $124,000 a year.

This revelation does make sense. After all, many people are in a rush to get breakfast before they go to work, and Dunkin’ is there as a quick stop to grab bites. If someone is craving breakfast a little later, most Dunkin’ franchises are open way past lunch. Dunkin’ found a niche and ran with it, and that’s why it’s one of the most profitable franchises


Culver’s prides itself in being one of the top five fastest growing fast food chains in the country. You may be someone who had never heard of Culver’s a few years ago, and now they’re everywhere. 

At first glance, they seem like another burger place. However, Culver’s markets their burgers as “ButterBurgers” due to them buttering the buns. In addition, they offer several other fast food entrees including chicken and seafood, satisfying all needs. 

Another focus is that Culver’s offers frozen custard, adding a unique spin on other restaurants that offer your standard ice cream and milkshakes. 


One of the biggest names in fast-casual burritos, Chipotle was worth nearly $6 billion in 2020. They’re a business that prides themselves in fresh ingredients and big burritos, and that’s just what they offer. 

One reason why people love Chipotle is that they prepare the burritos right in front of you. This process allows you to choose your burrito in real-time. If you’re in a hurry, you can order through a mobile app and grab the food in their locations. 


A franchise that has seen a boost in popularity is Chick-fil-A. Their niche is the chicken sandwich and other chicken products, with a unique business model. Despite being open one day less than other fast food franchises, they are a $10 billion industry, and it’s easy to see why. 

From good food to friendly staff, their company stands out among other chicken establishments. Another reason they are so popular is because of their speedy service. If you see a restaurant with the drive-thru cars going out of the parking lot, you would usually avoid it. However, with Chick-fil-A’s speedy service, you know that you will get your order in no time. 

Panda Express 

Asian food has exploded over the past few decades, with Panda Express being one of the most popular fast-casual Asian restaurants around. In their airport locations, they are a $3 million business for a franchise owner. 

It’s easy to see why. When you’re hungry and on the go, Panda Express delivers plates of Asian cuisine that’s filling, flavorful, and fast. What’s not to love about it? 

A Sushi Franchise 

We should mention that sushi is becoming one of the fastest-growing foods, with a 12% jump in 2018. More Americans are discovering that sushi is delicious, healthy, and great as a quick bite or as a food between friends in a nice, sit-down fashion. Because of this, the sushi franchise is growing and potential franchise owners should take notice. 

Sho Express is a Growing Sushi Franchise 

When you think of a sushi franchise in the USA, you may be scratching your head to name one. Plenty of Asian restaurants offer sushi, but it’s rarely as a franchise. Sho Express is a sushi franchise hoping to change that. 

Sho express offers various Asian entrees, including bowls, bento boxes, drinks, appetizers, and soups along with an expansive sushi menu. 

What makes this sushi franchise unique is that it’s in a fast-casual setting. A sushi franchise is typically a sit-in establishment, but Sho Express offers drive-thru sushi. Customers can grab sushi made from quality ingredients while on the go. Alternatively, if customers want to sit down, a contemporary dine-in option is available. 

In addition, the Sho Express franchise focuses on Japanese-American food, which is a franchise type untapped as Asian food grows in popularity. A franchise owner could see an average gross profit of $1,405,182 based on the 2019 FDD Item 19. 

With a low initial investment, Sho Express is poised to be a fast-growing sushi franchise

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