Sho Express is the Japanese Franchise for the 21st Century

27 / 10 / 2021

We think that everyone can agree that there is nothing more satisfying than being your own boss – it’s like being the master of your own destiny. One way to achieve the American dream can be to utilize a franchise opportunity, such as with a Japanese franchise for sale like the one offered by Sho Express.

Sho Express has experience in this industry and could show you a route to career growth and advancement through owning your own Japanese restaurant franchise location. If the thought of Japanese food gets your taste buds and your business sense tingling, then we’re heading in the right direction – but we know you’ll have questions. Every savvy potential franchisee does! Today, let’s explore how Sho Express is bringing Japanese franchises to the forefront in the 21st Century!

A Little About Sho Express…

It’s always best to start with some information about a franchisor before you leap into any negotiations or contracts, so let’s rewind and take a moment to examine the Sho Express brand. Where did it all begin? For the start of the story, we find ourselves in St. Louis twenty-two years ago when we opened our first location. An exciting beginning! With a clear goal to create amazing Japanese food that has been influenced by the incredible American experience, we found ourselves gaining traction as a brand.

Now, let’s fast-forward to today. Sho Express has grown as a Japanese restaurant franchise, as we’ve been able to open nine different Sho Express locations in three states! To keep growing, we need qualified franchisees who have an eye for both business and great-tasting, Asian-inspired food. And that’s where you come in. Will you join the Sho Express journey and help us evolve the Japanese franchise industry in today’s marketplace?

Japanese Franchise Food is Innovative and Versatile

Japanese franchise food has become a respected cuisine that has enjoyed rapid growth all over the world. Even high-end travel destinations like Paris have come to respect and love Japanese food. Forbes magazine has reported that the number of Japanese franchises has tripled within the last decade.

Americans love Japanese franchise food for both the taste and the freshness. Consumers love the flavor that can only be achieved upon a hibachi grill. This style of cooking enhances the natural flavor of the meat and vegetables with smoky undertones.

Sushi has been a part of the American culinary experience since 1966. The California roll was an American invention that combined the traditional Japanese delicacy with the popular flavors of the West Coast. Now, generations of Americans have grown up with sushi as a staple of the American culinary landscape. 

Why is Sho Express the Right Choice?

Sho Express was one of the first chains to successfully combine delicious Japanese food with a fast-casual dining environment. Our Japanese franchises stand out from the competition because they offer high-quality food in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. These restaurants are also the perfect place to plan a get-together with your friends or just stop in from work for a healthier lunch than some of the usual fast-food fare.

Sho Express also understands the busy pace of the American lifestyle. That is why we offer dine-in, take-out, and drive-thru options to suit the needs of even the busiest consumers. We combine delicious food with a solid business model that has proven to be phenomenally successful in Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee. We are still expanding, and we’re excited to welcome new members to our fantastic Japanese franchise family.

Getting Involved with Sho Express

Nobody wants to be left out of an amazing opportunity, so we can sense that you may be wondering how you can get more involved with Sho Express and potentially even obtain your own Japanese franchise location with us. 

Your consideration means a lot to us, and we certainly don’t take it for granted. As a franchise owner you can be a part of the next steps in our future plans to help us take Sho Express, and the Japanese franchise industry as a whole, into the future.

As a potential franchisee, you likely know that we will have our own requirements and recommendations, although these requirements go both ways. Let’s outline our expectations first, then move on to what you can expect from us if you choose to seek one of our Japanese franchise locations.

Our franchisees all have a few key things in common: a passion for food, a love of leadership roles, and knowledge of – or a keen interest to learn about – the restaurant industry, specifically within the Japanese restaurant franchises space. You will also need sufficient liquid capital, with a minimum of $125,000. 

Of course, we also look for drive and passion with regard to your future role at the head of a Japanese franchise, and a genuine appreciation for our brand and mission is a must. 

Now, we’ve told you what we need from you; it’s time for you to learn about what Sho Express can offer you.

The Opportunity Available with Sho Express

Let’s get the easy part out of the way: you could become the master of your destiny and run your own Japanese franchise location, serving our amazing Sho Express dishes, and benefiting from our Sho Express branding and expertise. 

Our franchisees can expect support from the very first steps of the process, such as guidance on choosing the right site for your new Japanese franchise location and real estate negotiations, to ongoing needs such as marketing your new location and refresher training. You won’t start your new Japanese franchise without the proper backing. We are supportive and guiding, while letting you have a certain amount of freedom as you build your business!

Get in Touch Today to Learn More About Sho Express Japanese Franchise!

Sometimes, it can be tricky to make the first move. So, we’ve made it for you! This is an unofficial but friendly invitation to check out the Sho Express website, read more about our Japanese franchise opportunity, and consider your next move. 

We’re boldly taking amazing Japanese flavors into the future, with the help of American flair and influences. Could you be the one to help us reach the next level with Sho Express? Feel free to get in touch and learn more about our Japanese franchise opportunity!