Looking For a Sushi Business For Sale Near You? Here’s Why Sho Express Delivers!

21 / 12 / 2021

The sushi business has come a long way in the West. While many in the US were skeptical of it, the people soon learned that sushi was flavorful, nutritious, and addictive. Since then, the US has created a unique spin on sushi that even Japan has since embraced. If you haven’t tried sushi yet, we would suggest you take a bite and see what the hype is about.

If you have an interest in food franchises, one that offers sushi can be a hit, especially if you live in an area where it’s difficult to find sushi. And if you were someone who looked up “sushi restaurant for sale near me” and found Sho Express, then congratulations. You have found a franchise that is bringing a unique spin to sushi.

Sho Express is a fast-casual Asian franchise and sushi business that offers a sampling of some of the best Asian cuisine around. Of course, this includes sushi, too. Here’s why our sushi business is a unique twist on how others do sushi.

We Offer Sushi That’s Truly on the Go

When you think of a sushi business, what do you imagine? Typically, you may think of a sit-down restaurant that offers sushi on a conveyor belt, or as a dish to various other Asian foods. You may imagine sushi as an option in a Chinese buffet.

When it comes to sushi on the go, that may come in the form of a grocery store selling a bento box. However, a grocery store requires you to go inside, or wait around with curbside pickup.

Sho Express is a sushi business that offers a true on the go experience. As a franchise owner, you’ll be able to have a drive-thru system that offers sushi from the window to the car.

That’s right. Drive-thru sushi is an idea that few businesses have explored. Sushi can be quick to make, and it’s a much more nutritious offering than a burger and fries, so we are as surprised as you are that few have tried it. Sho Express offers sushi on the go that you’re going to love.

Quality Sushi

Sho Express is a sushi business that offers a variety of sushi that will satisfy most sushi enthusiasts. For example, we offer traditional sushi rolls, deep fried sushi, and even sashimi. When a customer orders drive-thru sushi, we prepare it using our fresh ingredients. We expedite, not rush, your order to give you the freshest, tastiest sushi on the go. As a franchise owner, you’ll be responsible for delivering sushi that customers can grab during their lunch break or just if they’re in a hurry.

Affordable Prices

With the exception of our sashimi, our sushi business offers rolls that are under $10. With other sit-down establishments, the sushi can go for much more, sometimes double, of what other businesses offer.

With Sho Express, we give customers quality sushi at prices they can afford. Whether it’s a college student needing some healthy food for less or someone wanting a quick bite to eat, we deliver.

We Offer Much More Than Sushi

If someone is craving sushi, but also wants to feast on other Asian dishes, Sho Express is more than a sushi business. Our menu includes appetizers, desserts, bowls, soups, bento boxes, drinks, and so much more. As a Sho Express franchise owner, you’ll be offering a growing menu of delicious Asian bites.

All in a Contemporary, Sit-Down Environment

While drive-thru sushi is one of our niches, we understand that not everyone wants to go to a sushi business for a drive-thru experience. That’s why Sho Express offers a sit-down experience for customers who want to enjoy our sushi bite by bite, or if they want to bring their friends or family for a sit-down experience.

As a Sho Express sushi business owner, you’re responsible for keeping a friendly, clean environment for all our customers. We know you can bring an experience that people will love.

Do You Have What it Takes?

Sho Express is an expanding sushi business looking for franchise owners who can help us grow. As a franchise owner, you’ll be a part of our mission to provide fast, high-quality Asian dishes in an environment that’s welcoming for everyone.

Not only are we supportive to every franchise owner, but we cost less than some fast food franchises out there. As a Sho Express owner, the investment is little, but the chance to make money is high.

For more information, visit our franchise page. You can contact us for a free industry report, or if you have any questions about Sho Express and our sushi business.

Help spread the love of sushi. Contact us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.