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It’s Sho time! The hot opportunity in Asian-American fast-casual restaurants / restaurant franchises

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    It’s Sho time! The hot opportunity in Asian-American fast-casual restaurants / restaurant franchises

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      How much does a Sho Express franchise cost?

      The minimum initial investment necessary to open a Sho Express Asian restaurant franchise $476,500 for a single location. This includes a $40,000 initial franchise fee.

      What are the financial requirements to qualify as a franchisee?

      We ask that Sho Express franchisees begin with a minimum of $125,000 in liquid capital, and that they are qualified to secure capital for the minimum investment necessary.

      Are there ongoing fees?

      The ongoing fees are 6% of gross revenue for Royalties, 3% of gross revenue for Brand Fund, and 1% of revenue for Local Advertising.

      What experience do I need to franchise with Sho Express?

      Here are a few key characteristics we look for in qualified candidates for our franchise program.

      • Leadership experience or aspirations, including those seeking career transitions
      • Passion for customer-facing or food service industry – and a love of food!
      • Roots in a region that’s ready for Sho Express franchise growth
      • Friendly, energetic and engaging personality
      • Financial stability
      In what state(s) can I locate a Sho Express Asian restaurant franchise?

      Sho Express is now offering franchise locations in Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee. We have plans to expand through the central Southeast and southern Midwest regions of the U.S.

      How large of a space do I need for a Sho Express location?

      An ideal footprint range is 1,750 to 2,500 square feet. Our blueprints accommodate kitchen prep and storage, dining area, drive through, counter and office spaces.

      How many employees do I need?

      You will need between ten and 25 employees, depending on their full- or part-time status.

      Do you offer training and/or support?

      Yes! From the day you sign your Franchise Agreement, our team is ready to take you through all the steps to opening day and beyond, covering every aspect of franchise ownership.

      How do I get started?

      It’s simple. First, reach out to us with . Then we’ll contact you to for a quick chat and to set a more formal informational presentation, where you can learn the details of our franchise agreements.

      We’re looking forward to sharing more information about Sho Express Asian restaurant franchise opportunities with you. It’s an exciting journey toward restaurant ownership!