Japanese Franchise for Sale

Sho Express is here!

Is nothing like food court fare. We’re a dynamic Japanese Franchise with Japanese and American-style cuisine fusion. We’re also experienced business owners looking for restaurant franchise leaders ready to grow in an emerging market segment.


It’s Sho time! The hot opportunity in Asian-American fast-casual restaurants / restaurant franchises

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    It’s Sho time! The hot opportunity in Asian-American fast-casual restaurants / restaurant franchises

      Four Great Brands – One New Franchise

      Our Brands Logos

      Bringing Together the Best in the Japanese Franchise Business

      Today, Sho Express is a new name for a group of restaurants coming together to form a family of Asian food franchises. Sho Express specializes in sushi and hibachi-style cuisine, but in the comfortable setting of a neighborhood diner. At Sho Express, fast-casual meets takeout meets Asian-inspired favorites.

      Back in 2014, we opened our doors with a mission to serve up flavorful Japanese food fused with American influences. And we did it in a modern and casual environment where people could stop for a quick bite, linger if they wanted, or drive through to accommodate their busy lifestyle.

      Now with nine locations in three states under the Sho Express umbrella, we offer franchise owners a perfected, established concept backed by marked-tested strategies and increasing customer demand. We’re excited to take our Sho on the road with new franchise owners who share our philosophy and vision!


      What Makes Sho Express Special

      Every day, Sho Express Asian restaurant franchises offer a full menu of flavorful items that bring together Japanese fare and American influences. That fusion is the foundation of our personality – along with high-quality ingredients and fast, friendly service.

      What else will you find at Sho Express?


      Enjoyable customer experiences

      Sho Express Japanese Franchise food always sets the stage for a good time, with creative menu items and names, delicious Asian-American flavors, a contemporary atmosphere and friendly employees.


      Something for everyone

      By deliciously fusing Asian food with American influences and providing a variety of inventive menu choices, Sho Express menus has options for every taste—and many demographics. We've even said that parents never have to worry about their kids being a “no-sho” for dinner at Sho Express.


      Great attitudes

      Sho Express strives to never take ourselves too seriously. We have a light-hearted, sometimes humorous, approach. However, we never lose sight of the fact that making great food is our mission, and making a great living is serious business.


      A solid Japanese restaurant franchise opportunity

      Sure, Sho Express offers customers a terrific spot to enjoy lunch or dinner, which means as a franchise owner, you get to be part of delighting your diners. But there are more benefits to the Sho Express franchise opportunity. You can take advantage of industry trends, make a comparatively low initial investment, and discover exciting potential for building income.

      These are just some of the ways Sho Express is a restaurant franchise opportunity unlike any other. We invite you to get to know Sho… Sho Express!